Private Lessons
"Ms King is an excellent teacher,
she plans the lessons for my level and adds new lessons at a rate that keeps me interested but not too much that I’m overwhelmed."
Linda H

Consider a career as a sign language interpreter

Linda H, one of our private lesson students, gave us a wonderful quote by Anatole France when expressing her feelings about our service,“Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark.”  Which fits our convictions perfectly!
“Progress at Your Own Pace and Comfort Level” is the philosophy behind our Private Lessons program.  We have found that this outlook has made all the different in people's ability to excel in the language.
Individual Coaching
SIGNING Basic instructors give students direct, 1-on-1 teaching time, focused attention and structured course content.  As a result, we help our students become proficient and develop remarkable confidence in signing.
Some of our individualistic students have shared how being freed from the pressure to "keep up" with the class, gave them the confidence to build their signing skills, and grow enriching relationships with D/deaf people on their jobs.

FaceTime or SKYPE

We now offer live online ASL Lessons via FaceTime or SKYPE.  Choose from several 30 minute online sessions with an Instructor for a structured lesson or with a SIGNING Buddy™ when you just need to practice.  No more searching for someone to sign with, our online service is just a click away!
SIGNING Basic's 1-on-1 ASL coaching is the single most effective way to make a great impact on your signing skills.
ASL Tutoring is a great way to learn American Sign Language quickly.
Individual tutoring is also one of the best "catch up" methods
for students that may miss a class or who,
like Linda, prefer custom lessons. 
Clink on the link above for information on how you can book a free consultation withSIGNING Basics
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