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Fall ASL
Classes and Workshops
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November Class
“100 Signs
 you should know!"
This class is perfect for beginners and for the person who wants to build upon your sign language vocabulary.  

The signs you will learn are focused around common groups such as:  People, Questions, School, Home, Family, Time, Food, Colors, Animals...  This class is vocabulary based only.  

Class is taught in ASL.
  • 2.5 hours
  • 100 Signs study guide with picture
  • Certificate of Training 

Saturday Sessions

November  3
 9:00a - 11:30a

Registration Required

General Public
Hand out included
October Class
"Introduction to ASL"

Participants will have fun learning the basics of ASL.  

Get ready to move out of your comfort zone and learn the beautiful language of Signs!  We start this class by learning common facial expressions used in ASL.  Your face is the grammar of ASL, and in this beginners class we learn in a fun way to grow comfortable with using our expressions to convey mean.  After a good laugh at ourselves, we will move into the building blocks/foundation of ASL.  Here is what you can expect to learn in our beginners class:

  • How to Introduce yourself
  • Asking another person to give their name
  • Expressing Pleasure in meeting others
  • Manual Alphabet
  • How to ask questions in ASL using your face and hands
  • Numbers 1 - 20 and how to use them in a ASL sentence
  • Learn the signs for Colors and apply them to Clothing items
  • Fun activities as we get to know one another

All participants will receive a Sign Language Study Guide

Certificate of Training

October 6 - November 10, 2018


Registration Required
Registration Deadline: September 30, 2018
Once you have paid for the class you are automatically registered.

September Special
(regularly $170pp)

Six hours of sign language training, which Includes a deaf instructor, a Sign Language Study Guide and a Certificate of Training

This class is taught in ASL.

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More Fall Workshops
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